4 Steps to More Money- part 2

From Oprah.com
Get out of debt.

Pay Down Your Debt

1. Run a credit check.
Before you do anything else, make sure you know what you're dealing with! You can get free copies of your credit report online.
2. Pay off your high-interest credit cards.
Pay off these cards in full as soon as possible. Carrying a balance on high-interest credit cards is like throwing money away.
3. Lower your interest rates.
You can lower your interest rates by switching to alower-rate credit card or by calling your lender and asking for a reduction. You can also lower rates by refinancing car loans or a mortgage.
4. Pay more toward your principal.
Anywhere you can afford to do so, be sure to pay more than the minimum amount on loans. By putting extra money directly toward the principal, you'll save big on interest.

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