Kaskey Kids Review & Giveaway (Ends 11/20)

Aidan is just getting into action figures and small figurines. He now not only plays with cars and trains, but he is now incorporating little people into his playing. Another favorite activity of his is sports, particularly baseball. With winter just around the corner, I know he is going to be having baseball withdrawals.

Well Bruce and Christy Kaskey faced a similar problem with their children so they created Kaskey Kids. After realizing how much their kids loved action figures, Christy realized that a simple box of sports action figures could be the key.

Kaskey Kids comes in five different sports: Football, College Football, Baseball, Hockey, and Soccer. Each set comes with the appropriate number of players, a scoreboard, field, and container to keep everything in.

I received the Baseball Guys to review and Aidan loves them! What is really nice is that it is a toy that my husband can play with our sons and really enjoy it together. Now Aidan is almost 3 years old, and he likes it, but I would think that a kid a year or two older would actually understand it more This toy though is really great for children of all ages. The set is Red players versus Blue. What is especially cool though is that the action figures are not just plain figures but they are actually molded into players so it makes playing with them even more realistic.

Baseball Guys Set includes:

* 24 2 1/2" players
* 1 umpire
* 1 fully adjustable realistic scoreboard
* 28" x 28" washable felt field
* 10" x 6" x 5" stackable container with attached lid and handle

Each set costs $24.99 and I really think it would be a great gift for any child , especially to help with wintertime blues! Kaskey Kids also won the iParenting Media Award, amongst other awards! It is nice too that if you need more players (or loose them) for your Baseball or Football Guys, you can buy Mini Packs to add to your playsets. You can also rest assure that Kaskey Kids are in compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

BUY IT: You can buy Kaskey Kids online and at various retailers (check here for stores) Use the coupon code "HOLIDAY" to save 20% (Expires 1/1/2010)

Giveaway: Winner will receive a Kaskey Kids set of their choice!

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