Internet Password Journal Review & Giveaway (Ends 11/30)

If you are reading this post, then you have at least one password, but I would bet you have a bunch more than one. I know I have a million passwords, some that require me to change every so often, others that need a capital letter and/or number, so it is super hard for me to keep them straight. I have tried to write down my passwords in a notebook, scraps of paper, even in an Excel document, but I needed something more concrete and visual.

The Internet Password Organizer was created to help people like me. It is a high quality book that is broken down from A-Z for computer users to store their usernames and passwords. There is even a Bonus Section for details about your Internet Service Provider, Email Settings, Home Wireless Network, and Software Licenses.

Overall, I love this book. It is such a simple soft cover book that it is genius. I recommend though filling it out in pencil so you can erase anything that changes easily. The Gem Collection comes in Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, and Emerald Green and retails for $9.95. It is a total of 124 pages and perfect to carry around or store, but be careful as it is does contain valuable information!

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