"Calling All Super Readers" Super WHY Review & Giveaway (Ends 12/4)

One day when trying to find a replacement for Spongebob Squarepants, I came across Super WHY which is a PBS Kids cartoon. Super WHY is a cartoon where the “Super Readers” (4 friends who work together) solve daily problems by seeing how the problem was dealt with in a book. There is reading and spelling and is perfect for any child learning their letters and beginner readers. As soon as Aidan hears the music, he runs and sits down. I love it because it has substance and sings the alphabet!

Well now there are some awesome Super WHY toys that any Super WHY fan would love designed byLearning Curve. If Learning Curve sounds familiar, its because they are an absolutely fabulous company that features Thomas & Friends, Lamaze, The First Years, Bob the Builder, and Sesame Streets, just to name a few! Well I was lucky enough to receive a few Super WHY toys, and Aidan was surprised and excited.

The Save the Day Talking Super Why plush is an adorable plush doesn’t do much, but Aidan still loves to hug him and hear his 8 phrases. This plush sings the Super WHY theme song and says some of Aidan’s favorite phrases when you hug him. I love that it is a good size of about 12 inches so it is the perfect size for holding, although I don’t recommend letting your child sleep with it because it will start singing! It is for Ages 3 and up and retails for $19.99.

The Super WHY Hovering Why Flyer is a good size plastic toy that actually hovers across the floor! My sons have been sitting this toy for hours just pushing it and watching it soar through the house! Oh and it of course makes cool “flying” sound effects and lights. It is so easy to use which is really nice, because some toys can be so complicated that my sons get bored with them before they figure them out. Best of all there is an auto-shut off so batteries aren’t wasted. It works on any smooth surfaces and it is so unique how it glides through the use of an internal fan. It is for Ages 3 and up (but both my sons enjoyed it) and it retails for $19.99.

The Electronic Super Why Role Play Set is perfect to transform any boy or girl into a “Super Reader!” The kit comes with a Super Why Mask, full size cape and electronic Why Writer that lights up and says Super WHY phrases! Aidan is just getting into pretend play and dress up, and he actually let me put this on him and he ran around the house and played in it all day! It is super adorable and actually you can always use it as a Halloween costume for next year too! Even if your child doesn’t like the mask and cape, the Why Writer is super neat to wave around especially when watching Super Why! Aidan is now associating the Why Writer with the one in the show, and he thinks he is controlling the one on the show now! It is for Ages 3 and up and retails for $14.99. Oh also, if you have a girl that would rather dress as Princess Presto, Learning Curve also carries a Princess Presto Role Play Set in Pink with a tiara!

You can check out more about Super WHY @ PBS Kids

Learning Curve generously sent me two Electronic Super Why Role Play Sets, so I am going to give one away to one of my readers!

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