"The Big Brain Puzzle Book" Review & Giveaway (Ends 11/16)

Alzheimer's is not something I think about, both due to my age and because I have not had a family member affected with it; however, every 70 seconds a person in America develops Alzheimer’s disease to add to the more than 5 million already living with it. This disease does not only affect the person who has it but it affects entire families. Well one way to decrease your chances of developing this progressive and fatal disease is by constantly increasing you brain activity. By keeping your brain active, research has shown to increase vitality and build reserves of brain cells and connections or even generate new brain cells!

This month is “Alzheimer’s Awareness Month” and to celebrate and create awareness, the Alzheimer’s Associate has released a brain activity book to promote brain health!

Alzheimer's Association Presents The Big Brain Puzzle Book (Alzheimers Association) is filled with stimulating brainteasers created by internationally-syndicated puzzle writer, Terry Stickels, who is well known for his three columns: “Frame Games,” published in USA Weekend magazine; “Stickelers,” featured in more than 200 newspapers daily including The Washington Post; and he is the featured puzzle columnist for London’s largest newspaper, The Guardian. Stickels created his first puzzle at the age of 11 and became hooked on logical thinking and a lifetime pursuit of having fun with puzzles.

The book is categorized into 3 progressive levels:

• Level 1 – Basic logic reasoning, visual and wordplay games will help kick start neurons. Frame games, like descrambling the letters “Hsilgne” to make “Shingle,” are found throughout this section.

• Level 2 – Readers are encouraged to work through more challenging puzzles with friends and family. This section incorporates out-of-the-box trivia questions like knowing which state besides Missouri is bordered by eight states.

• Level 3 – Complete higher level mathematical equations, wordplay and spatial and logical reasoning games. Advanced exercises, like finding the next fraction in a sequence and mind-bending word problems, come into play.

Now I was able to review this book via .PDF format and it is pretty neat. I also want to add that it is addicting and challenging. If you know someone who likes puzzle books, this book is definitely going to be a great gift (hint: Christmas) for them and don’t forget to pick one up for yourself! We can all use some help and every now and then a quick puzzle or game is just what the doctor ordered!

You can learn more and Alzheimer's at the Alzheimer’s Associate Website

GIVEAWAY: Winner will receive “The Big Brain Puzzle Book”

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