Personalized Parcels Review & Giveaway (Ends 10/23)

For some people, they just have everything and are impossible to shop for. And sometimes you just want to do something nice for someone or there is a special occasion that you need a gift for. Well Personalized Parcels is a company that does exactly what they are called!

All personalized parcels are full of customized items that are perfect for your recipient. You get to work via email with the company and collaborate on what specific items you think the recipient would like. From your ideas and suggestions,Personalized Parcels puts together a package depending on your prize point ($25, $50, $75, or Parcel of the Month Club.) What is cool about the Parcel of the Month Club is that you actually end up getting two free parcels per year and you can change who gets a personalized parcel each month.

So to explain what Personalized Parcels is better, I will tell you what I received. Dez from Personalized Parcels worked with me for about a week and I decided to pick a “Just Because” parcel for my husband. I figured something nice for him would be a great treat since he has been working really hard at his job and getting us moved into our new house. Well, the funny part about working with Dez is that my husband is apparently very similar to her husband and she nailed him just right when he received his personalized parcel. He got a bunch of nice sports collector magazines, coffee, and an adorable handmade Christmas ornament. It even included a hand-written note from “me!”

Guess What!? Personalized Parcels has generously offered one of my readers their own parcel!

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