I am on a mission and I need help.

I am on a mission and I need help.

Last weekend my home country (Philippines) encountered a strong typhoon known as Typhoon Odoy, known international as Typhoon Ketsana and most area of the Metro Manila has been flooded living a lot of the people homeless and finding themselves on evacuation center.

The same weekend, a landslide happened over in Arayat, Pampanga leaving a lot of home buried in mud and boulders. Eversince I was in college I have always work with the community and now that I migrated here in the US, I know that I can still help in our own way.

So this is my way of giving back and helping. We are raising money for the benefit of the landslide victim in Arayat, Pampanga. Together with the rest of the Alumni and members of the community organization I belong to (Youth Community Service Club) are hosting a fund raising event tomorrow from 8AM to 5PM over at
http://ycscians.org. I am knocking in your heart to find some time to help us spread the news through Twitter or other social media that you are a member of and if you are feeling very generous you can share your donations of any amount.

For twitter users, you can use the hashtag #Drive4acause or use the following tweet below:

Fund Raising Drive Oct 3 '09(8-5) victim of the landslide in Arayat, Pamp, Phil. accepting donations-visit
http://ycscians.org #Drive4acause

As for this community, the first 10 members who will donate will have a spot at the main page with your 125 x 125 banner to advertise for one month. Just send me an e-mail at
support.livinginstyle@gmail.com with your 125 by 125 banner and the paypal email address that you have used after you made your donations.

Thank you very much.

Vhiel Vance
Living in Style Network

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