Frugal Fellowship

Frugal Fellowship Coupon Class Online: $15

To take the FFCC online or to pre-pay for the live class click the Buy Now button below. This is through Paypal and is secure. Upon payment you will be redirected to the online class.

This is a self paced course that will teach you how to find, utilize, and maximize your coupons. It will also show you countless other ways to save money on things you do on a regular basis.

There is a lot of information so feel free to visit this class as many times as you like for no additional charge. This class is filled with my ever growing knowledge of the couponing process. As I learn myself, the information will be added.

If you follow the guidelines I've set in this class, I promise you will make back more than the fee with in the first week!

Interested in hosting a FFCC in your home or facility?
Live classes are $20 per person or couple. These classes have more allow for more one on one time. Live FFCC also allow attendants to participate in games and win prizes.

Want the class for free? Get 10 people to come and your fee is FREE! Contact me today to schedule. calhoun9504 at yahoo dot com

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