Natural Bath and Body Shop Review & Giveaway (Ends 10/12)

So I am a shower pouf user and I really never thought anything of it until I heard about Sea Sponges. I only thought there was washcloths, shower poufs, and then basic bars of soap. Well Natural Bath and Body Shop changed my mind when they sent me their Sponge Sampler, which contains Caribbean Grass, Prime Wool and Yellow Sea Sponges.

After doing some research on the Natural Bath and Body website, I learned that you can use sponges for everything! You can use Sea Sponges for Bath & Body, Exfoliation, Household Cleaning, Car & Boat, and even large pets!

Now you may be thinking that it is not eco-friendly to harvest sea sponges, but these sponges are harvested sustainably. What that means, according to WikiPedia, “can be defined in biological terms as the ability of an ecosystem to maintain ecological processes, functions, biodiversity and productivity into the future.” So basically what happens is depending on the sponge type they are either raked off the ocean floor or laboriously individually hand-cut. Then in a few years, the pieces of the sponge that remain on the seabed will grow back.

I also received the Body Scrub with Chamomile and it is awesome! Now since it says it exfoliates I expected it to be a harsh scrub with those bead things that scratch your skin, but it rubbed in so smooth and did not irritate me in the least. Consisting of olive oil, chamomile and other nourishing ingredients, this body scrub was non-greasy and left my skin feeling refreshed. By massaging the scrub it was removing dead skin cells, which allowed my pores to breathe and therefore, hopefully rid me of some of my future acne. I also loved the light scent it left on my skin, not like a perfume, but a clean smell. I really couldn’t believe though how gentle and how it wasn’t greasy at all!

Other than the Sea Sponges and Chamomile Body Scrub, Natural Bath and Body carries so many other products! What is nice about their website is it is organized into categories so whether you are looking for Loofah products, Brushes, Files, and Pumice Massagers, Shampoos & Conditioner, Facial Care Massage Oils, or even search in Products by Gender and Age, Gift Baskets. There is also a Bestseller section so you can check out the popular items and when you check out an item I love that you can see Related products so you know what other products would compliment the one you want.

Natural Bath and Body Shop includes many other benefits that really make choosing them for your bath and body purchases worthwhile.


• Same Day Shipping Guarantee (as long as you order before 2 PM EST)

• Free Shipping and Reduced Price Shipping – Shipping can be as low as $2.00 and if your purchase totals more than $50, use code “freeshipping” for FREE shipping!

• Provides free shipping upgrades – If they can ship the items to you for the same price or less than they will choose a faster shipping service than you may have chosen.

• Package Tracking – Via USPS and UPS

• BBB Accredited – So you can check out their Better Business Bureau report.

• Live Support – Need help ask a question from a live person online!

Well Natural Bath and Body has generously offered one of my readers the same products I got to review!

WIN IT: Check out Natural Bath and Body Shop and tell me another product you would love to try!

Winner will receive:

Sponge Sampler: Caribbean Grass, Prime Wool and Yellow Sea Sponge.

Body Scrub with Chamomile - A natural olive oil based scrub that gently exfoliates and thoroughly cleanses your skin. A perfect, animal fat free way, to help you skin become healthier and smoother. Helps prevent acne.

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