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As I have said before, I am not a parenting book reader, but as of lately I have decided to become more open-minded. I mean what parent couldn’t use help or guidance every know and then, especially when it comes to helping your child learn and grow. Well “Light Up Your Child’s Mind” by Joseph Renzulli, PhD and Sally Reis, PhD, with Andrea Thompson is a book based on “30 years of research by internationally renowned experts.”

The book is an easy read as it is a good size font and it is so organized into chapters, sections, and with special formatting that it is easy to read. I didn’t actually read this book in one sitting as I would read a little bit, do other things, and a few days later I would pick it up again, not having to re-read anything because I lost my place. Light Up Your Child’s Mind is separated into three major parts: What is this thing called giftedness, Practical paths to developing your child’s gifts and talents, and Special Considerations.

I feel like I really could learn from it since my children are so young still so it gave me ideas and suggestions for how to nurture them as they are learning and growing. Either way though really it was a nice informative book that can enlighten anyone who is around kids, of any age whether they are a parent, grandparent, teacher, or caregiver. The book is there to help you guide children to becoming successful in their own way, which I think is what all parents want. I also like how the book doesn’t pressure you or treat you like a bad parent because you didn’t do something.

From the Publisher:

Based on the renowned "Renzulli Method," which has been adopted in schools all over the country, LIGHT UP YOUR CHILD'S MIND presents a practical program to help children fire up a love of learning to last a lifetime. World-renowned experts Drs. Renzulli and Reis illustrate the crucial role parents can play in their children's development and address how they can work with teachers to enhance their children's education. They uncover the hidden potential of daydreamers, rebels, and one-track minds, arguing that gifted behavior--basic smarts, high levels of task commitment, and creativity--can be fostered in bright children, even unmotivated ones.

304 pages
Pubslished 8/11/2009

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