Yoga Week Giveaway 1- Angel Bear Yoga

Angel Bear Yoga is "Green Themed Yoga for Kids." Angel Bear's goal is to help kids become more compassionate and knowledgeable about their world as they learn to love themselves and their animal friends. Angel Bear and Sweet Pea will guide your children on a magical journey through Character Yoga. They are Panda's who teach important life lessons and positive character traits, while sharing Yoga poses. Many yoga programs focus on physical aspects, but Angel Bear Yoga created a program that was inspirational to children on many levels.

Angel Bear Yoga has amazing products ranging from DVD's, Books, CD's, Kits, Accessories, and my favorite- The "A Pose A Day- Play Deck."On the front of the "A Pose a Day" cards, Angel Bear and Sweet Pea show you a Yoga pose with a themed positive word. Before doing the pose, you read the card and Angel Bear guides you through a life situation leading to the yoga pose. Ella has loved hearing the stories while trying to imitate the panda bears. The cartoon characters were a great way of introducing Yoga and really caught her attention.
Here are 2 examples you can try with your child.

As you can tell, E wasn't able to fully extend her leg while laying on her side. But, with time and practice she will get it. It's OK if your child isn't able to do every pose or can only do part of it. Make sure you give them lots of praise for trying and stay positive so they don't get frustrated. It also helps if you show them how to do the pose after you read the card. Remember this is a time for peace and relaxation... be flexible and creative.

Again, E is learning how to balance, so I had her bend down without grabbing her legs so it was easier. This was taken last week and now she has mastered it! These cards are great because you can choose to do 1 a day or do a whole 30 minute session. I usually let E pick out her cards so she stays interested. If your child decides they are done, it's OK. Once they learn they can do a pose, they will be interested in learning more.

Yoga Tips:
  1. Do Yoga on a nonslip surface with bare feet. Yoga mats are a wonderful way to have your own space.
  2. Don't do Yoga after eating a meal. Wait 1 hour.
  3. Don't force or over strain while you are doing the poses. Be comfortable and patient. With time, you will be able to go farther with each one.
  4. Don't hold your breath while doing the breathing exercises. Inhale and exhale fully.

The Giveaway: One reader will win "A Pose A Day- Play Deck" from Angel Bear Yoga

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