UV Skinz Giveaway

Last month I contacted UV Skinz and asked if I could review one of their items on my blog. I've seen UV swim shirts reviewed before but they have always been for children. Since I am so light complected and burn easily, I wanted to see how the shirt worked for me.

UV Skins was developed by Rhonda Sparks whose husband, Darren, died of skin cancer at the age of 32. Rhonda was left to raise their 3 boys on her own and has dedicated her life to teaching people about the dangers of sunburn and how to be sun smart! One severe sunburn during a child’s first fifteen years could double the chance of developing skin cancer as an adult. I burned quickly as a child. My parents covered me up and had me wear sunscreen, but I still worry that I might have some issues later in life. My kids don't burn as easily as I did, so they don't think they need to cover up. These shirts will help keep them covered which gives me more piece of mind!

Check out my full review & giveaway here. Deadline to enter is August 27.


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