Review and Giveaway Orange P3 Chalk Board Wall Panel,

So, I was contacted by a fun company, Accent Furniture Direct (AFD), to do a review on an item in their notNeturalcollection, and, they also offered a giveaway item as well for all my wonderful readers! Happy happy joy joy!

First, here's what the AFD says about their featured collection from notNeutral:

notNeutral is a product design company that creates design-oriented lifestyle products based on past and current projects by Rios Clementi Hale Studios. Signature pattern and color have become a trademark in the creation of bold, colorful, and innovative products encompassing all categories of the modern lifestyle.notNeutral’s vibrant, confident and streetwise products are original and accessible, expressing individuality and choice. Not Neutral has built a unique following that attracts the discerning, young-spirited customer who enjoys color, pattern, and versatility.

This collection is original and witty, and they have unique, beautiful AND practical items for every room in the house! AFD also offers free shipping and no hassle returns as well! Woot!

I chose to review the Orange P3 Chalk Board Wall Panel, because I had been looking for something to use with the kids during home school lessons when I need to break down a word or elaborate on a math concept. I was tired of searching for scrap paper or writing in the margins of their books, so I was quite excited to find this item!

This wall-mounted chalkboard panel is 15.5 x 15.5 and the design is in fact sleek and, according to my husband, well-made. The assembly is a cinch, you simply attach the chalk/eraser tray with the sticky tabs provided, and tabs are also provided for a quick wall mount. The board surface is smooooooooooooth. I kept running my hands all over it; it doesn't remind you at all of the chalkboards in your elementary school, this chalkboard would fit nicely into any room you chose to put it in.

I grabbed some chalk and threw on some math problems. Of course the size is perfect for visual examples and in no way is it bulky or a space hog. I am choosing not to mount mine, as I am using it for school. The chalk comes right off with a slightly damp cloth, which is lovely.

-Sleek and modern design, comes in many accent colors
-Functional and lightweight
-Easy assembly and mounting
-AFD offers GREAT sale prices!

-It would have been nice to have a chalk/eraser set that came with it, especially a matching one!
-I am not sure if the sticky tabs for mounting are the removable kind, and I would buy some of those just in case before mounting.

Overall I am very pleased with this product!

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