Piggy Paint Review & Giveaway

So I decided to put my nail polish to the test. I won't name brands, but I was really shocked that ALL ate through a Styrofoam plate! Well, except for Piggy Paint! You can see the nice big blue spot in the middle, which is "Tea Party for Two" from Piggy Paint. I can't believe some of the kid brands I have bought for my daughter were that acidic. Or even my $10 bottles of a big name brand. I decided to do a science experiment and see what else would eat through the Styrofoam... I tried coffee, soda, lemon juice, stain remover, lotion, hand soap, dish soap and some other cleaners. Nothing ate through or bubbled.

So my conclusion of the experiment is that no other finger nail polish will go on my daughter's nails, which will eventually go into her mouth, other than Piggy Paint! Even companies that swear they do not put Formaldehyde, Dibutyl phthalates, or toluene in their polishes, still bubbled and ate through. I wonder what they are hiding?

Piggy Paint has fabulous color choices that every Princess will adore! Ella gets the colors purple and blue mixed up. But ever since she's been wearing blue nail polish, she's learned the difference. The polishes are a fun- SAFE way of teaching colors, plus what little girl doesn't like getting her nails done?
The Discount: You can purchase any nail polish or remover from Piggy Paint and get 15% off by enteringFLAG15L at the checkout. The coupon is even good on sale items! This offer expires August 31, 2009 so hurry over and check them out! Also, if you spend over $25, domestic shipping is FREE! And they ship worldwide.

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