Mkokopelli- Kids Yoga Week Day 5 Giveaway- Little Yogis Gift Set

So this week you've had the chance to win Angel Bear Yoga Pose Cards, Crunchy Granola Baby Yoga pants, a Yoga mat with DVD from, a Yoga Baby shirt from Simply Chickie... now it's time to win some super fun stuff from Wai Lana.

Wai Lana is a company who has been around for years. She has her own Yoga TV show that is braodcasted internationally on PBS. Her voice is mesmerizing and totally gets you in the mood for peacefulness. Wai Lana created a Little Yogis line, and she thought of everything. You can find kid sized yoga balls, yoga mats, books, CD's, DVD's, Coloring Books with fun Yoga activities and much more! Wai Lana sent me the whole line to review and I was in awe. Ella of course was right there when I opened the package and begged to play with the Yoga ball.
This isn't just your ordinary Yoga ball. It's Eco-friendly
made from phthalate-free PVC. Which was the first plus in my book! I love how the ball has the Little Yogi characters doing ball exercises. Ella has loved looking at the ball and then trying a new pose. The kit also comes with a poster that has 20 fun exercises plus 4 games. You can get the Eco-Ball Kit at Wai Lana for only $19.96! The ball is recommended for children ages 3+, but you know I had to let E try.
This is E doing the Frog pose. You lie on the ball with your feet on the floor. You hug the ball with your arms and knees and can just rest or bounce up and down.
This had to be E's favorite. It is the Wheelbarrow pose. You lie over the ball with your hands on the floor. Then walk your hands forward until your hips and thighs are on the ball, feet pointing straight back.
This is her second favorite. It is the Table pose. You sit on the ball and walk forward until your head and back rest on the ball. Then bend your knees and lift your body so your body makes a table.

You can see the Little Yogis Mat in the above pictures, which is also Eco-friendly. It is free of
phthalates, phenols, dioxins, and furans. You can purchase the mat separately or purchase as a kit. The kit comes with a Little Yogis DVD, Eco-mat, Cartoon poster plus a cool bag to carry or store your mat, which is on sale for only $34.26. Ella has loved watching the Little Yogis DVD. If you click on the link, a preview of the video should pop up. If it doesn't work with your browser, click on any Little Yogis DVD's and catch a glimpse. Wai Lana uses cartoons and actual kids to help your child get the pose. She is very calm and patient while explaining the poses and there are tons of fun songs!

Little Yogis has 3 lines of Yoga fun. There is the regular Little Yogis, Daydream and Fun Songs. The Daydream collection is to help your child get ready for nap time or bed. The Fun Songs is for creative play with songs incorporated.

Are you ready to see what's in store for the giveaway?? Check out this awesome kit put together, with a $81 value!
The Giveaway: One winner will receive: A Little Yogis Daydream CD, DVD, Game Cards set and Coloring Book and a Little Yogis Fun Songs Activity Book, Fun Songs Book with CD, a Coloring Book and Game Cards Set.

To enter go to Mkokopelli

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