Mkokopelli- Best Eco-Friendly Toy Week: Little Green Books

I wanted to start off my Eco-friendly Toy week with books. There is nothing more important than reading to your child every day. Luckily, E loves books and usually chooses reading over playing with anything else. I'm pretty picky about what we read every day and would rather teach her something important rather than fill her head with mindless junk. Since our family is making such efforts to go green, I thought it would be great to start introducing this idea to Ella. That's when I found, Little Green Books.Little Green Books are a new series for little ones to help plant the seeds of becoming more Earth-friendly. They are made with recycled materials to help support the cause and are printed with vegetable oils or soy based ink. They have fun titles for ages 0-8. Each book introduces words like: electricity, composting, recycling, reusing, reducing, litter, pollution, endangered animals, and many other Earth-friendly concepts. Each page has beautiful vibrant illustrations that really engage young readers.

Ella's favorite has been "I Can Save the Earth." It's about Max the little monster who watches a lot of TV and is very wasteful. Then one night there is a blackout and he goes outside to see what is going on. Max then starts to realize all of the things you can do outside and wants to help the environment. You go on his journey of experiencing the different seasons while he is making an effort to clean up the Earth. I love how it reminds kids that there is so much more to do than watch TV and all you have to do is step outside. Ella has been talking about ways Max the Little Green Monster tries to save the Earth and has really gotten into it.

Her next favorite is "What Do You See?" It's a eye-catching flip board book about different endangered animals. Each page you are given a description and try to guess which endangered animal it is. Then you lift the page to find out if you were right. It's more simple and not as complex as some of their other titles like, "The Polar Bears' Home," "The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle," or "The Adventures of a Aluminum Can." Ella has just developed the attention span for all 3 of those books, but their concepts are a bit too advanced for her. She still enjoys hearing about how cans and plastic bottles are made, but I'm pretty sure it's going over her head. Though, I could be wrong. The Adventure series are diary entries from the can or bottle and you go through their lives from how they were created to how they end up after being recycled. I actually learned a lot myself through those books! "The Polar Bear's Home" is beautifully written as a little girl learns from her father about global warming and how it's effecting the polar bears.

These are such great concepts to teach our children at any age. It will help them understand the importance of turning off lights when you leave the room, giving away toys when they outgrow them, not wasting paper, learning how to reuse something in a creative way, plus much much more! Little Green Books also has a activity book filled with Earth-saving tips, facts, and lots of fun activities that you don't want to miss. Be sure to check out their website for fun activities, print outs, online games and more!

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