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It always amazes me how smart my boys are when it comes to figuring out things on their own. Technology especially is interesting because there are so many adults that don’t know how to work their phones, computers, or even appliances! Well last Christmas I received an iPod Touch and ever since it has been my son’s favorite toy. He was only 2 years old then and yet somehow he taught himself how to work it and now he does stuff on it that I don’t even know how he got to it! You may be wondering how I can trust him with it, well I have a good case and it seems like he knows to be careful and that its valuable.

So in an effort to get him learning while he is playing around with my (or shall I say “his”) iPod, I have been downloading and looking around for kids applications. I have games of course, but now there are so many applications where kids can put puzzles together, draw, learn their ABC’s, play matching games, and even read storybooks! Now I was skeptical about a storybook application for my iPod because my boys are not really into books and if they are not pushing buttons and watching something happen then its not that much fun.

Well iStorytime changed my mind and I am so glad I found them. iStorytime are illustrated books that are also narrated so your child can get a book experience while they are on the go. Oh and best of all, their applications are super easy, even for us adults! All you do push the button for an application and then push the giant play button on the screen.

All of their stories are original and the illustrations are perfect for pre-schoolers. iStorytime provides an educational alternative to games and cartoons. There are even different narration options: kids voice, adult voice, or silent for self-reading using the onscreen text. Whether you have a pre-reader or beginner reader, iStorytime is the perfect answer for story time on the go!

Now I especially love this for when we are on long road trips, at the doctor’s office, a restaurant, and even to entertain them while I am changing their diapers! Yes my iPod Touch has been a lifesaver and has been so great in entertaining my boys and letting me do other tasks! I received “Go Out! Go Out!” d it is a rhyming story that features a little boy at a carnival. Aidan loves it and has watched it so far a million times! And what is nice is that when he does get sick of it, iStorytime has a whole bunch of other story time applications that you can purchase for $1.99.

Or iStorytime has generously offered 5 readers an iStorytime book for you to download on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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