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Books are a basically collecting dust in my house right now, as both of my sons just do not seem interested in them. I have ones that pop-up, play music, have textures, and none of that helps. So lately I have been looking around the computer for websites and ways to get my boys to enjoy books and reading, even if it is off the computer. Then I heard of Interactive Book Webscene (IBW) and I was intrigued.

IBW is a new way of reading as it involves first reading an actual print book and then visiting a weblink to find an animation or other multimedia called a webscene. The webscene corresponds with the activity or story you just read and of course they are all fun and educational. So at the end of a chapter you visit the weblink and then go back to reading another chapter and so forth. There are six or more webscenes included in every IBW book. I highly recommend reading this book with a computer nearby, as I know my boys attention span faded if I had to drag them across the house to the computer.

I received two sample IBW books to read and try out, KA Readers and The Busy Preschool Guide to Learning. Now the books I tried out weren’t complete, but they were just right to try out. KA Readers is great for beginning readers and kids who love read-to-me stories. This would be perfect too for homeschooling! There are nine current titles in the series with more in the works. The books are set up to build upon the Five Essential Reading Components of phonetics-based reading programs: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary development, fluency and comprehension. These books I felt were obviously for older kids, so we tended to stick to the Preschoolers Guide.

The Busy Preschoolers Guide to Learning is a preschool curriculum for teaching 105 readiness skills that uses fun, original plays, poems and activities around the entire alphabet. For example, for the letter “A” there is a poem entitled “A is for Air” and then the corresponding activity is a fun way for you and your toddler to play with a balloon. You then can also go to a weblink and view a neat little scene with a bear and floating balloons. So you actually have three ways to enjoy this book: read it, do the activity, and then check it out online.

Overall, Aidan and Gavin did enjoy the computer part the best. I read the book to them and tried the activities/games, but they didn’t really understand how they correlated. The online section was also not as exciting as it could have been. There was no music and it was so simple. Aidan did love the letter part online where you dragged the mouse to basically trace each letter. Oh and for you Spanish speaking parents or even if you are trying to teach your child Spanish, the books also have a Spanish section.

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