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Do you participate in giveaways, either by signing up for them or hosting them? Do you ever feel uncomfortable about leaving your personal/contact information? Since most of us are networking about the web, we probably don't worry about it. I've encountered a few issues that have led me to change the way that I host giveaways.

I recently hosted a Scentsy giveaway. Another Scentsy consultant (actually a director) got information off the comments and emailed several of the entrants to promote herself. That is so tacky and I hope she gets in trouble! I am a blog designer and several months I hosted a blog makeover giveaway. Another blog designer approached entrants to my giveaway and she offered some a giveaway and others the chance to host a blog makeover giveaway on their blog.

All this has prompted me to change the way I do giveaways on my blogs. In the past I have asked for people to leave an email address if it's not linked to their account. I've done this so that I am able to get a hold of the winner and to let people know of new giveaways listed at my site. Now on all entry information will be private. I will set up a Google document for each giveaway. It will be a simple form and all information entered will be kept private and not shared with anyone. I have gone back and hidden all comments on giveaways I have hosted. A draw back of this is that possible sponsors won't see how many entries I have, but my reader's privacy is more important to me than PR. I did have a prospective advertiser ask for access to contact my readers, which I denied. I refuse to share or sell this information.

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Kimmie said...

I think a Google Doc is a great idea and something that any blogger asking for info should use.

Think I'll start doing too. I've never had "bottomfeeders," and now I can avoid it all together!

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