Crazy Dog T-shirts Review & Giveaway (Ends 9/7)

When I was in high school I used to love to wear funny and novelty t-shirts. Now that I am a mom, I have to be a little more reserved, but that doesn’t mean I have to be boring.Crazy Dog T-shirts offers so many different designs that it was almost impossible for me to pick just one. Yes some are offensive, well for a mom or conservative adult to wear, but others are classic vintage t-shirts and others are PG-funny.

What is nice is that you can shop by Category or gender, and they even have a few kid shirts! Oh and they even have a Sale section, which is always a must check out! Anyways, some of the categories they have include: 80’s, cool, junk food, novelty, retro, movie, video game, hilarious and more! Crazy Dog even narrows it down even more into Favorites so you can see their bestsellers and they even have Halloween costumes! I think my favorite Halloween costume is the Burger King guy!

Anyways, since I always get to check out items for kids, or myself I decided to get a t-shirt for my husband. Now it was so hard to narrow it down for him because there were a million he would have loved, but I decided on “The Mac From Way Back.” Yes my husband is a computer nerd and we are Mac people so I figured it would be perfect. To surprise him I actually just hung it in his closet and the next day he came out wearing it with a huge smile! He absolutely loves it and the fabric is 100% cotton and it’s the soft cotton so it is not stiff or itchy.

Crazy Dog T-shirts not only are super soft, well at least the one I got is, but they are also not cheap looking. I have seen some novelty shirts where the printing starts to peel and the shirt I got the printing is a better quality and came out just fine when I washed it. Their prices are also reasonable and range from $9-$20. These shirts should definitely bring a smile to anyone’s face and I could not imagine not being able to find at least one that you like!

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