jomashop_2060_64783291Who doesn’t need a nice watch? Something to wear when we actually get to get out of our mommy attire? I was hopping around the other day and found Jomashop. They have some beautiful watches, Fine Crystal and Figurines,and designer handbags. I loving the Swatch Originals Mariquita Ladies Watch. Wouldn’t it be perfect for when Rachael is older? See my family has taken to calling her lady bug. So the red with black is great. Add in to that the fact that I always wanted a Swatch growing up.

They also have a great selection of jewelrywhich includesR4WG_ASthe Diamond Ring Builder. You choose the cut, size , color, and clarity of your diamond and then chose the setting. Next you get to see a 3D video display. This was the ring I designed. I rather love it. Now to talk the hubby into it. It was very easy to use the program to design the ring and you pick every little detail.

jomashop_2058_218465882The wonderful people at Jomashop are offering some deals for my readers. First off is a coupon for $10 off any watch over $50 by entering the code: SUMMER Awesome right? It gets better. They are also offering one reader a Swatch Full Blooded Watch. Is that not the most beautiful watch? Ok quick go run and grab a tissue to wipe the drool off the screen we’ll wait.

Are you better now? You have a chance to win this Swatch Full Blooded Watchthat is valued at $150.

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