Solo brand products Review and Giveaway

For this review and giveaway, I had the pleasure of using 3 different Solo brand products: The Sesame Street decorative 5 oz. cups,

plates and cups from Solo's new Bare compostable products,

Solo's Heavy Duty bowls, plates and

the new Solo Squared cups.

The Solo Heavy Duty bowls held up well, including use with most wet foods. We found that the are excellent cereal bowls! We also ate such dinner foods as pasta and chili in them, and the food did not soak through. Hot foods should be served at the table as opposed to buffet-style since the bowls are hard to carry full, and do not offer any insulation. The bowls were microwavable, but heating did tend to soften the bowl a bit quicker. This would mean that these would be better suited for items only needing a quick heating--no more than a few minutes.

The Heavy Duty plates performed with excellence! The 6 7/8 in. size are particularly handy for sandwiches, burritos, and other snacks. The plates held up to microwaving much like the bowls up to about 3 minutes. The smaller plates were easier to transfer from microwave to table than the larger size, as they tended to become more flimsy after heating. Cold foods, however, were easy to handle on both sizes.

These products are much sturdier than other paper products, but aren't quite as sturdy as styrofoam products. Of course, they are microwavable, whereas their styrofoam equivalents are not.

The Solo Bare plates perform much like the Heavy Duty products. In addition, they are also attractively designed and would be suitable for serving at a picnic or casual dinner. Serving dinner on these felt more like using real dishes and less like using paper or plastic plates. Knowing that these are additionally good for the environment is a definite plus to using them! These plates are made with annually renewable sugarcane and are free of chlorine, dyes and inks.

Solo Bare cups performed much like Solo's well-known plastic drinking cups. They were of a high quality and could easily be rinsed and reused. I found that these held up to rinse and reuse better than styrofoam cups. They also had a different texture than typical plastic cups, which is probably due to their high-quality compostable makeup.

The Sesame Street 5 oz. cups proved a big hit with my 5 year old. They are a great size for him, as he usually struggles to finish a drink in an 8 oz. cup in one sitting. This size was also great for rinsing teeth after brushing, and they even withstood his using them in the bathtub! The package also included a handy cup holder that we are currently using in our bathroom to keep the cups stacked neatly.

The Solo Squared cups were very nice for use with the kids as they provide more stability than the typical round cups. These cups perform just as one would expect when using Solo plastic products: wonderfully!

I want to share these products with you! One reader will be sent a sample of both lines I had the opportunity to try:

the Heavy Duty dinner size plates and

the Bare 8.25 in. plates.


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I would love to try these

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Would LOVE the chance to win these as there are five people in my house and tooooooo way toooooo many dishes to clean nightly
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