Skin MD Review and Giveaway

I don’t use a lot of lotion, I just forget. And I hate the oily feeling I get after. So when SkinMDemailed me asking if I wanted to test out the product and give one away, I was hesitant, but I need it, my hands and feet are pitiful! I try to take care of them, and usually do it once a month or so, for a few days then forget! I am getting older now so I need to get on a schedule, so I replied back and said yes, I will give it a try.

I got it in the mail within a few days, and tried it out, my first thought was thinking it was not lotion, I have been using the cheap messy stuff for so long that when this did not leave a film I thought I was doing it wrong! So I read the brochure, checked out some reviews, and sure enough, that’s what REAL lotion feels like! No wonder I hated doing lotion, I couldn’t touch anything for half an hour after! With this I can put it on and within a few minutes I am dry and SOFT, not wet and oily, with the perception of soft!

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