Precious Girls Club Prize Pack Giveaway! US/Canada - 26 WINNERS! (Ends 7/29)

Now even though I don't have a daughter, I do have a younger sister, shes 11 yrs. old, who I try to be a role model for and watch what she is doing. Now my mom is not the most computer savvy person so when my sister does stuff online, I like to check it out to see that it is safe and secure for her. Thanks to MomSelect, I was sent some awesome items from the Precious Girls Club (PGC) to check out. PGC products help promote good and wholesome values and they all come with an access code to play on the Precious Girls Club virtual site. The products are similar to Webkins, Littlest Pet Shop, and Club Penguin, but PGC is for girls whose moms want they to have a safe but fun online atmosphere. They are created by Precious Moments and reinforce such virtues as helpfulness, kindness, responsibility, loving and caring.

PGC is also a great place to help you get closer to your daughter as you can send her messages and congratulate her on good deeds through the Parent Page. You can also find tips and other ways to bond with your child.

While membership is always free and there are many free features, a Rainbow membership offers exclusive features like games, quizzes, and crafts. A Rainbow membership costs only $3.95 a month or you can get a month free with a Web Access Code found on any Precious Girls Club item! You can buy PGC items, such as apparel, media, figurines, giftware, jewelry, and plush, at some Hallmark stores, Christian specialty stores (See website for locations) and of course online!

I am giving away 1 PGC sets of items. They are geared to 6-10 year olds, but really I don't see why younger or older girls wouldn't love this product! Precious Girls Club products would make a great gift for any young girl, even if you don't have a daughter, maybe for a niece or friend.

Grand Prize Winner will receive a hardcover Precious Girls Club and a plush kitten - both have codes to use online!

25 Winners will receive an online code for the Rainbow Membership to try out a month FREE at Precious Girls Club online!

Remember, though you don't have to go online to enjoy these items as the book and plush are adorable on their own!

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