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When I was pregnant I had big goals of completing 2 baby books. Yes, 2. One for me and one that Ella could take with her when she moved out. Honestly, I loved 2 books and couldn't decide between them, so that was my justification. ;) The day that I gave birth everything happened so fast, I didn't think about saving a newspaper to put in her books. Does anyone??? After we got home and settled into our routine, I started filling out the books and came to the section where you fill in info about the world and what the current rates are for everything. Ugh! I decided to do an Internet search in hopes some company had this info already printed out so I wouldn't have to do individual searches. That's when I happened to come across Birthday Keepsakes and fell in love.

They have awesome 8x10 or 11x14
Keepsake prints that have all of the information about your child's birthday on a cute bordered design with 13 options. I decided that the $9.99 was totally worth not having to look up all of the information needed and would be a great keepsake for when Ella wanted to know cool things about her birthday.You get to personalize the Keepsake print by adding time of birth, weight and other important details. It also has cool stuff like astrology info (which is optional), famous people who you share your birthday, headlines that happened during your birth week, famous past events, best of the year, costs of common items, top news stories, plus fun and fashion. Basically everything that both of my books asked for and more! I've even thought about ordering one for myself just so I can see all of the info about 1980.

They also have other outstanding personalized products. We got to try the
Activity Placemat and it is an amazing learning tool. It comes laminated, so your child can write on it with a washable marker. The placemat is bordered by primary colors and it teaches how different colors can mix to make another color. It also has their name, birthday and a space that your child can trace their name. You can choose to put a personalized message, days of the week or the months. I choose days of the week and I have Ella circle what day it is every day. It also has different shapes at the bottom in colors that weren't used in the border.

And that is just the front of the mat! The back has the alphabet with characters that begin with each letter and after the alphabet there are numbers 1-10 with counting dots. It has been the best alphabet tool I have come across yet! Ella has been circling the letter I ask her to find or she will point to it. She loves it!
Plus it's great to take to restaurants to keep your kiddo busy while you wait.

They also have
Little Prints,which is an amazing print you can capture your infant's foot and hand prints or just one. It comes with a sweet poem and would make a great baby shower or home coming gift if you know the baby's name. They give you an ink print pad that doesn't allow the ink to touch your newborns fragile skin. Birthday Keepsakes knows mess-ups happen in the process, so they send you 2 prints! My friend just had a baby, so we got to try it out on her 2 week old.

The hand was a bit difficult to do since he was still bawling up his fists. You might need 3 people to get the perfect print or just go with the footprint. Other than that it was quick, easy and turned out really cute.
Birthday Keepsakes also has Growth Charts, Name Wish Poems, The Twelve Gifts of Birth, Wedding and Anniversary Designs, Framing and more!

The Discount:
You can get 10% off at Birthday Keepsakes by entering the code
MKK at the checkout until August 23

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