JumpStart 3-Month Membership

Does JumpStart sound familiar to you? I remember getting JumpStart CD Games from my son's book order at school. We had Jumpstart 1st Grade, Jumpstart Spanish, and a few others. I can still hear some of those songs ringing through my head!

Now JumpStart can be played online too. Knowledge Adventure, the creators of JumpStart have launched a beta version browser-based virtual world at JumpStart.com for kids 3-10 years old. Kids can create avatars called Jumpeez for themselves and explore magical worlds, discovering and unlocking games, videos, and storybooks that help them practice essential skills from math to reading. The website is fairly new so there will be many new features added over the next year.
We got a membership and I had both my 10 yr old and 3 yr old check it out. Their ages cover the spectrum, so I figure we have tested the limits of JumpStart. Here is what my 10 year old has to say about it. I think that it is good. I like how the kids in the game can go around and play games and create their own character. My favorite part is the storyland because of all the neat things there are to learn. Here is what my 3 year old has to say about it. I like JumpStart. I like to click on it and go to JumpStart people and make friends and watch a video and learn things. I go to the map and go to magical places and go to thingies and stuff. I like Frankie dog who talks to you when you click. My girl has pink hair and clothes. You can collect pennies and go somewhere and stuff. My favorite is going to storyland I think. I like JumpStart cause I like to jump and change things. Honest reviews, eh? She's actually still rambling on about it. She's been waking up and asking to play it right away everyday. I created the account, but each child has a profile. The profile knows how old they are, so the tasks are appropriate for their ages. We started out with a one month trial membership, which we really enjoyed so we upgraded to a year membership. A monthly membership is $7.99 and a year is $74.99. Check out this video about JumpStart Membership. There is even a free membership available. Sign up and check it out. The free membership is very limited, but your kids will love it and beg you for an upgraded membership.
My 3 year old enjoying StoryLand!
JumpStart.com works on both Mac & PC. My kid play on a Mac so I had to do one quick download, but then it worked perfectly. I like how it's laid out. I don't have to go over and help the kids out. Even my 3 year old can launch and play by herself. I sit about 10 feet away so I can supervise. The buttons to move around and control the game are very obvious which makes it easy for younger kids to play too! Both my kiddos and I recommend JumpStart.com!
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Knowledge Adventure is giving away a 3-month upgraded membership to one of my lucky Diana Rambles readers. Click here to enter! Giveaway ends July 14.

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