Ends Soon! Varsity Baby Flush & Cheer Potty Chair Review & Giveaway (Ends 7/23)

So far the thing I dread most is…Potty Training! I honestly right now am fine with changing diapers rather than taking the time to potty train one and change my other sons diapers. I know that is being selfish and he needs to learn, but we have tried a few times and so far he has no interest other than flushing and washing his hands. So when I heard about Varsity Baby’s Flush and Cheer Potty Chair, I was ecstatic!

The Flush and Cheer Potty Chair lets children not only learn how to use the potty, but they will have fun doing it. There are two models available: College Flush and Cheer Potty and Personalized Flush and Cheer Potty. The College Potty actually plays the sound of cheering followed by the FIGHT SONG of your favorite college. Right now the following are available, but are added on a continual basis: University of Maryland, Indiana University, Brigham Young University.

The Personalized Flush and Cheer Potty Chair is actually the one I received to check out and let me say first that it is so cool! You can record your child’s favorite music or any message you would like your child to hear and when they flush the potty, they will hear it! The colors available are: Blue, Green, Pink, and Purple.

Each potty chair can be used in three different ways: Stand Alone Potty, Seat module placed on a standard toilet, and Base used as a stool. I love that this chair can be used as your child develops and how sturdy it is. It is not flimsy and when you put the seat on the toilet there even is a small backrest for them! Oh and emptying the potty chair is easy as you just lift out the bowl.


* Anti-bacterial resin additive used in manufacturing!

* Requires 3 AAA batteries (included)

* Unit dimensions: 13.13" deep x 12" wide x 11.72 " high

* Song and Cheers/Personalized Recording play only when ‘flushed’ so you won’t be bothered by any malfunctions like seen with other musical potty chairs.

* Easy to use and easy to clean!

* Made in the USA (from US and imported parts)

When I first set this up, Aidan looked curious. I recorded a message with me singing a potty song and cheering, and I showed him. He has yet to actually go on the potty yet, but he loves to sit on it and pretend, and of course his favorite part is flushing and hearing the cheering! I love that I can change the message and it is super easy as you just push a button and record! This is definitely one of the coolest potty chairs around! The potty chair also comes with a sticker to put a picture on the chair, which I put a picture of Aidan smiling! And so far everything I have read is to reward your child when they are potty training and what better way then to play their favorite song or cheer them on!

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