Eden Fantasy's $25 Gift Card Giveaway (Ends 8/5)

Okay so if your child is hanging over your shoulder hovering and reading this, then stop! Not that this post is going to be very “R” rated, but the website I am reviewing is definitely “R” rated and for adults only!

Okay, so Drew contacted me from Eden Fantasys and he asked that I check out the site. I was curious I must say as honestly “fantasy” and “sexy” haven’t been part of my vocabulary and mindset for quite some time now. I mean with two kids who has the energy and creativity, but then again every now and then (or more regularly for others!) we do want to try something different. Now I must warn you when you first open the site, it is “interesting” to say the least.
So after I started clicking and looking around, I admit I saw some awesome products. The best part is that they have discreet billing and shipping so I don’t have to be embarrassed and since I am shopping online, I don’t have to deal with the creepy feeling of a “sex toy” store. They also offer “Free Standard Shipping on Orders over $59” otherwise shipping is a flat rate of $5.95.

Now other than the huge selection of everything and anything you could possibly want, Eden Fantasys also has an awesome Community section. Within the Community section is the following categories: Community Updates, Discussions and Polls, Interviews, Sexis, Community Blog, Manufacturer’s Portal, and Profile Page. I found myself reading and really enjoying the different posts and topics within each section. I loved how I could post about my issues and concerns in the forum section and then check out interviews from various people about sex related topics. As I was skimming through each category, I found that I couldn’t stop reading the Sexis section. Within the Sexis section is “Sex and all things sexual.”There was one article that I loved called “Sex and the Suburbs: The Demystification of the Suburban Mother-Goddess Archetype.” (think Desperate Housewives!) So you see there are some amusing articles and some that really put things into a different perspective.

But the part of the website that I really enjoyed is the “Real People Real Reviews” section because honestly isn’t a review always helpful. You can read reviews from actual users on the products and even see their rating. This is definitely something I have never seen before as far as adult products go, so it was refreshing to read honest opinions and likes versus dislikes.
Eden Fantasys is basically not just selling products but they are also trying to educate and try to make others more comfortable with “sex.” I know sex is personal and private, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with it in our own homes, right? I know deep down everyone of you sex is not something new, especially all you moms as your children didn’t come from a stork!
Also, I hope to have some of my own product reviews for the future that I will be posting here!
So guess what! Eden Fantasy’s has generously offered a $25 gift card to one of my lucky readers!

WIN IT: Visit the Eden Community Section (on the right side of the page) and let me know what product review, blog post, or article you enjoyed. Since I know some of you may be shy to let me know a favorite product, I figured this was easier!

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amanda said...

I really like the discussion and polls- everday sex section. I can't choose a favorite post, they are all equally great.
oheeyore at hotmail dot com

fashionfrugality said...

I liked the A light read review -
Book by Kim Cattrall interesting. I saw the book at the store the other day and was wondering how good it was - this gave some good insight. :)
kkondek at gmail.com

Cole said...

I love EF for all the reasons you listed and more. I check the forusm on a daily basis!

MrsAshley said...

I liked the every day sex section! Full of great informative articles...I loved them all (so might my husband). Thanks for this fabulous giveaway!!!

MrsAshleyWalkup at gmail dot co

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