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So I assume this is normal but since I had my two boys (my youngest just turned 1) tank tops and dresses do not fit me like they used to! Basically since my boobs are now sagging they are stretching my tops which pulls on my straps. So my adjustable strap tank tops are basically stretched out and slide down. Then after scouring the Internet one night I came across the “Bra Barrette.” Yes, it is exactly that…a barrette for your bra!

The Bra Barrette can be worn as a fashion accessory or fashion necessity! It can be accessorized with Swarovski crystals, different colors, and even add-on charms. I received one to try out and I love it! I received no discomfort; actually it made me feel better because I didn’t have to keep tugging my shirt up from it sagging. It was also neat too because if I was wearing a plain tank top, I felt a little more dressed up as the Bra Barrette I received also came with a yellow flower charm! I also tried the Bra Barrette under a t-shirt and it was not noticeable, but still gave me that tightness of bra straps that made me feel more confident. It actually felt weird not wearing it!

Bra Barrette

• Keeps straps from slipping off your shoulders - therefore giving you a nice lift and keeping your cleavage from hanging out!
• Slides easily into place - Just slide it on the back of each strap, can be done without assistance.
• Conceals unsightly bra straps.
• Interchangeable charms – Lots to choose from or wear your bra barrette plain.
• High Quality durable plastic – not cheap and flimsy.
• Has been tested and proven to stand up to normal wear and tear, including moderate activities like swimming, hiking, and biking!
• Perfect for women of all ages
• 100% guaranteed!

Here is a picture of me wearing the Bra Barrette:

So if you have top issues and in this economy you can’t afford a new wardrobe or fancy bras, then I highly recommend the Bra Barrette. I wore my with tank tops, but the company also shows it being used for dressy tank tops, dresses (think bridesmaids too!) and even bathing suits! I am lucky and have big “football shoulders” as I call them so I don’t have too much of a problem with tanks falling off my shoulders but I have some petite friends who could really benefit from this.

I love their slogan too:

“Get a Bra Barrette and Get Bra Confident!”

BUY IT: You can buy the Bra Barrette at their website or check their store locator to see if a store nearby you sells them! Plain barrettes start at only $3.99!

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