All Natural Indigo Wild Wee Collection Giveaway

Last month I was shopping around on the internet hunting for cute latex-free bandages. Ella and I are both cursed with a latex allergy and Target stopped carrying the character band-aid's we've used for so many years. Luckily, I found Greenfeet! A one stop shop for all of your Eco-friendly needs. They have over 3,000 products varying from kitchenware, composting products, jewelry,bathroom needs, baby care, personal care, bedding, housekeeping, pets and more! Greenfeet sent me a package of EcoGaurd Bandages that are tie dyed and some have fairies on them. They are 100% Sterile Absorbent, have non-stick pads AND there is absolutely no animal testing. Ella and I both love them! She calls them her "color stickers."The Giveaway:
Greenfeet is offering one lucky winner a box of Ecogaurd Bandages and a collection of Indigo Wild's Wee Collection which includes- 1 Wee Rub, 1 Wee Mist, 1 Wee Body Lotion, 1 Wee Bar Baby Soap- a $44 value!
Just click on the links to find out more about the amazing all natural baby products!

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