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If you are like me, you absolutely love that vinyl lettering you see on everyone's walls, and you've wanted some for yourself. If you are like me you've wondered what you would put on your wall. And finally, if you are like me, you've wondered where the heck they get those letters. Well, I finally found the answers to my questions when I stumbled upon the VinylLettering Etsy Shop. I have found many sites online for vinyl lettering, but when I found VinylLettering I knew that I had found a company who makes original, unique items. When I found their shop, I instantly fell in love with their monogram items.

I was super lucky to receive not one, but TWO of the monogram designs to review. As soon as I got them in the mail, I ripped open the packaging, read the pointers on how to apply the letters to your wall and started scouting for the perfect place to display them.
Luckily I have two living rooms to display my newest treasures. This one on the left I hung in my basement living room. The walls in my basement have just a little texture, which helps the vinyl stick to the walls better. Now, I just wish I had a bar in my basement...this would be the perfect decor for a bar. Of course, after I had it hung on the wall, hubby suggested hanging it on a mirror to complete the bar look...maybe next time

The other item I received was the one I spotted on the
VinylLettering website that I fell in love with. The letter 'A' matches my 2 non-white walls perfectly in my main living room. It is such a classy look. This wall has a lot more texture than my basement wall, so getting it to stick was a little trickier here. But a week later, it is still in the exact place I put it.
Finally I have to say the people at
VinylLettering are an absolute pleasure to deal with and they were super quick on getting my order to me. And let me tell you, great customer service is something I really appreciate.

WIN IT!!!!
So now that you have seen some of the awesome things you can get at
VinylLettering, I bet you are wondering how you can win. For your chance to win, all I need you to do is head over to VinylLettering, check out their excellent quotes, monograms, decals and other fun items, then come back here and leave me a comment telling me which one is your favorite. Be careful what you pick, because if you are the winner, that is the item you will receive!! How exciting is that? You get to choose your own prize!

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