Talina’s Baby Weight Contest

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Wanna win some easy cash? Guess my delivery weight and how much I’ll weigh 1 week after giving birth. Winner takes 80% of the cash pool, runner up takes 20% (after the paypal fee I’ll pay to collect the money). Winners will be determined by a point system. Entrant with the least amount of points is the winner.

All you have to do is pay $1.00 to get in on the pool ($1.00 per entry), each entry gets to
1. guess my weight at delivery
2. guess my weight 1 week after delivery.

Use this button to pay your $1.00 and enter your guesses.


You’ll see an area to “add special instructions to seller” on the paypal page. That is where you will enter your guesses. Don’t forget to guess both my weight at birth and my weight 1 week after birth. As the entries come in I’ll post them here and update you on how much is in the pool that is up for grabs.

The more people that get in on the pool the more you can win so spread the word on your own blogs! N and I aren’t keeping ANY of the pool so it is all money in the winners pocket!

I’ll be dropping hints in my blog posts about my weight, appetite and growth so subscribe so you don’t miss and helpful info!

What does my $1.00 entry go towards?

Paypal takes $0.05 from each entry as a processing fee, $0.95 from each dollar goes to the pool (I think).

How is the winner determined?

The two entrants with the least amount of points will take cash prizes. Each guess will be subtracted from the actual weight resulting in the number of points.

Say you guessed my weight at labor as 134lbs and that my weight 1 week after birth would be 122lbs. If my actual weight at labor was 136lbs and that my weight 1 week after birth would be 125.5lbs that would give the entrant a total of 5.5 points (256lbs total combined guess minus the actual 261.5lbs total combined actual weight).

The closer you guess to the actual weight the lower your point score and the better chance you have to win moola!


Here is the list of running guesses, enter yours today!!!

last 4 of transaction number/ Person enteringWeight at labor(lbs)Weight 1 week after labor (lbs)
# 903K (Donna B.)130115
290P  (Teeni) 132126
003W  (MoM)137113
3901 (Maiden53)151129
281A  (Jerry B)??
Your Guess Here ??
Your Guess Here ??
Your Guess Here< ??

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