SmaritPants Review and Giveaway

So, I was lucky enough to receive a SmartiPants Diaper from the folks over at SmaritPants for review. I had seen a few other reviews and even checked out their website so I was not completely blown away by the design but I still found it pretty amazing. The pocket for the insert has two openings - one at the front and one at the back. The reason that this is so smart is that they do not need unstuffing when you put them in the wash. Woo Hoo!!

Now this may not seem like a huge deal but really it is easier and more than ease it is a little less gross. Now, I love using cloth diapers and I have found that one size pockets are the most economical (wait till I get to the price news about these smart diapers) but still pulling a wet with pee insert out of a pocket is a little gross. And what's more - it takes two hands. Which means that I either have to leave Big Sister on the floor crying to go take care of it or I have to make sure my sling or my wrap are at hand for when she is gettting changed. Well, not with the smartipants. I just throw the diaper as is in the pail and go on about my (one handed) day.

And as for absorbancy and trimness - tow more factores that I find very inportant - these more than pass the test. These may very well be the trimiest diapers in our stash but are somehow still incredibly absorbant. I don't really know how they did it but they did!!! And I love that because while a trim diaper that leaks is no good, I hate super huge bubble bottoms. I want her pants to fit easily and not to be dragging down to her knees.

And now the very best part - they are super inexpensive!! They come with two inserts and they cost $14.95 for a single diaper. Or just $36.95 for a three pack!! That is just over $12 per diaper - Holy Cow!! I mean you could diaper your baby from birth to potty training for as little as $295.60. That is assuming you buy 24 diapers (8 three packs) and obviously you will need to do laundry every other day or so but still. Tha is less than most people spend on diaperng for four months (and that is assuming they have access to a warehouse club and buy in bulk). So, you can save so much money with these diapers!!! And I just love a good deal!

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