Need a Laugh? Check Out the Zoe and Sprout Tee Giveaway

On a day where a laugh was truly needed, I received this fabulous organic tee-shirt from Zoe and Sprout. We were only out for a few minutes, but we got quite a few laughs and comments walking through Target. Check out E in her new shirt

Not only is the tee hilarious, it's made with 100% organic fabric that is incredibly soft! You can really tell the difference in quality over regular cotton tees. I've been trying to slowly switch Ella's clothing over to organic after I learned that over 11% of all pesticides and 25% of all insecticides are used each year for cotton production. Yes, it gets expensive to go green, but luckily there are companies like Zoe and Sprout who only charge $21 a organic tee or onesie. Check out these hysterical shirts:There are over 50 humorous 100% organic tees andonesies to choose from, plus 100% cotton shirts and organic baby caps. All of Zoe and Sprout organics are made in India in a fair labor environment and are GOTScertified. Zoe and Sprout also donates 3% of their yearly profits to Keep America Beautiful, which engages individuals to take greater responsibility for improving their community environments. I love to support companies that give back!!

The Discount!!

Zoe and Sprout is offering ALL of my readers 25% off while the contest is running! Enter the code "mommies" at the checkout.

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