MomAgenda All in One Folio Review and Giveaway

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I am a dork, a huge, self proclaimed dork. I love to be organized (although I am really bad at it) and I love planners and notebooks. I was the one in middle school that played with encyclopedias at my dad’s and wrote book reports for fun…. yeah, I was that boring. Why I didn’t keep that up through high school I don’t know, it would have saved me a lot of trouble! Anyway, I am a sucker for planners, and always looking for the perfect one for me. When I talked to the great people that run MomAgenda about a giveaway to offer yall I was amazed at the products they offered.

They sent me the MomAgenda All in One Folio to review, and it is amazing! The planner in the front is perfect, huge writing space for all the information, I am using it to keep track of upcoming reviews and giveaways, as well as personal planning, like doctors, family visits, etc. The middle section consists of 48 page protector pages with moveable tabs, so that a dorky person, like myself, can customize and print all the information and organizers I want, they have a bunch here, and several come pre-printed with the book, but I removed those and printed my own so that they would be nice and neat, since my handwriting lacks that quality! Then there is a notebook in the back and the cutest little pink pen- finally one that my husband will not steal! And for only $4.95 you can have it personalized with your name on the cover!

Now for the giveaway! I know this is your favorite part! MomAgenda has offered up the new School Years Album to one of you, it is a awesome little book that holds information, pictures, report cards, drawings, and more from Pre-K through 12th grade in one neat package. Available in three colors, Aqua, Rose, and Sage. Also can be personalized like the All in One for only $4.95. If you have not started saving your childs things from school already you should, over the years I have come across several little things from my childhood, and would love to see more, one of my favorites is the day care daily report card from when I was a baby, while it is slightly embarrassing to see that I went poopy two times that day, it is also pretty cute!

Having one book for all the years of school would make it so much easier to keep track of everything, and that would be a great reason to really go through things and keep your favorites, so that in the end you only have the most important memories. When Taylor starts school this is on my list of things to get for her, I really want to document her life and make sure she has everything she could ever want, even if it is a pony!

BUY IT: You can buy the All in One Folio or the School Years Album at MomAgenda, and use the discount code: FREEMOM to get free shipping on orders over $75 (good through 9/1/09)

For information on how to WIN IT:

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