lowgirl16 Custom Coupon Organizers Giveaway- US/Canada (Ends 6/26)

One struggle I constantly have is organizing my coupons and when I do organize them, I forget to bring them to the store with me. Recently I purchased a coupon organizer that is made of a vinyl-like material and was advertised in the coupon inserts from the Sunday paper. What a big waste of money! The feature that I love most about it is that it snaps onto the shopping cart handle so my coupons are easily accessible. Well it did snap onto my cart perfectly but since it was so stiff, it kept flipping over and spilling my coupons throughout the store!

So since Etsy is my new favorite site, I decided to see what I could find on there and I was not disappointed. I found an Etsy store by Glowgirl16 that has some awesome handmade coupon organizers, totes, and fabric sandwich bags. Everything in her store is so adorable, reasonably priced, and of course great for the environment since it is handmade and meant to be re-used.

Her Coupon Organizers contain 20 blank tabs and 70 peel and stick headings, you can decide exactly how you want your holder labeled and organized! Then attach it right to your grocery cart for ease of use! It measures 8 x 5 inches and is really sturdy!

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