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Back in the stone ages.....I mean when Kit Kat was just starting school (boy does it feel like eons ago!) we came across someJump Start disks, and I thought that they'd be fun for her to play around with on the computer. I have always been for using games to learn. Seriously, I get so excited when I can teach my kids important concepts without them knowing that they're learning anything. Tricky me....

We got our original Jump Start CDs in the late 90s or maybe the early 2000s, but the kids have loved them and used them enough that we still have them. You can only imagine how excited the kids were when I told them that we (ahem--they) got to test out the newJump Start world online.

My 3 middle kids (Reese, Twizzler, and Necco) have been itching to play everyday. They LOVE playing the online games. There are so many games available, and a huge variety of levels and interests (the site is geared towards kids ages 3-10). And I love letting them play (as long as I don't need to be on the computer--heehee!) because I feel like it's constructive time. I also love the fact that they can each play the games (and learn!) independently--the programs and instructions are easy enough for them to understand so they don't have to be calling down to me - "Mom! How do I play this game?!" - every few minutes.

Each child creates his or her own character, and their information and skill level is saved for future play time, so there's never any arguing over who changed what. Once my kids created their Jump Start character online, there were so many places to explore. The first is an area, Storyland, is aimed at 3-5 year olds. Just recently they launched another area called AdventureLand, for kids in kindergarten through 2nd grade. Soon they will launch a third world called Future Land for kids from 3rd to 5th grade.

They have a special place for parents, too! The Jump Start blog has helpful tips and articles for parents. They certainly know how we roll nowadays. :) On JumpStart.com
there's another place just for parents, with a discussion board, news, and art.


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