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I am VERY excited about this review & giveaway. It's by far the YUMMIEST I've done! The other day we got a GIANT chocolate covered fortune cookie sent to use from As you can see it was packaged very carefully and arrived in one piece. My kiddos were SOOO excited to break into it and eat, but I made them wait til after dinner. Then like a pack of wild wildebeests ascending on a group of helpless lambs, we devoured it! OMG~ It's the YUMMIEST fortune cookie I've ever had. I've had some chocolate covered fortune cookies before, but they paled in comparison to this. The cookie itself is thick, crunchy, and very flavorful. No processed taste at all...just pure goodness. The chocolate was heavenly and the little sprinkle dots were a perfect touch of candy sweet. The cookie contained a GIANT fortune. Ours was very generic, but you can request a custom fortune. What a UNIQUE gift!! I think it would be fun for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or a baby shower. Since I've seen and tasted a Giant Fortune Cookie, I will be ordering some for gifts in the future. and are sister sites run by the same family. I really like that they are a family focused company. The couple who owns it brings their baby to work along with them. What an awesome business! They specialize in not just giant fortune cookies but gourmet fortune cookies. All available with custom sayings. The fortune cookies come in about 20 different flavors and colors. They make their own cookies fresh to order and ship them directly from Indiana. There are unlimited possibilities to how these cookies can be used!

Check out the photos~
By the way, the cookie was so delish that we ate it in one sitting!!!
* * * * * * * * * is giving away one of their Giant Fortune Cookies to one of my lucky readers. YUM!!! Visit Diana Rambles to enter the giveaway, which ends July 6.

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yanji said...

Oh my days that looks Yummy. I can see someone is enjoying it! Funnily enough I just got married to a Chinese. I will show him this post. I want to get stuck in with comping too!

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