Esbaby ROCKS!

So, a few weeks ago I was approached by the super cool mama that owns esbaby. She said she had a new quick drying AIO coming out and she would like it tested and then reviewed. She let me pick out whichever fabric I wanted and I picked this really cute pink fabric with frogs all over it. As you can see it came out really cute. And I love how well it matches that shirt she is wearing - she doesn't even need shorts when she is in this shirt and diaper. Woo Hoo!! So cute!!!

So, the big and important question - how did it work? Perfectly!! Before I even got it in the mail Christine had expressed to me her uncertainty as to if was too bulky since she had put 5 layers as opposed to 4 and was feeling a little uneasy about it. So, I knew to look at it in terms of bulk and what I wound up telling her was that it might be a little bulky but I probably would not have noticed it if she hadn't asked. That being said because I knew it had all those layers of soaking potential in there I did the unthinkable (at least to me) I used it overnight. Something I have NEVER done with an AIO as I do not typically think of them as absorbent enough. And not only did it make it all 12 hours that my girl was sleeping I think it could have made it longer. In the end Christine did decide to go with the four layers but I have to admit that I still think it would make it all night and if you are unsure you do have the option of adding an extra layer. All in all I have to say that I really like this diaper - it works great and it is fantastic.

Now the facts about esbaby. esbaby is run by Christine, a work at home mom to her two children: Adeline, 9 and Christopher, 4. She makes a full line of cloth diapering products, including fitteds, covers, AIOS, QD AIOs, wipes, diaper bags and wetbags. She also carries a line of women's reusable cloth pads. esbaby carries organic and non-organic options in all of their products. Christine is now open for custom orders. Please contact her at with any questions you may have.

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