Bring It Up Breast Lifts Review & Giveaway! - US and Canada (Ends 7/3)

Okay if you are conservative, then stop reading, but really this is not going to be dirty or ‘R’ rated.

This review and giveaway is about your boobs! Yes we all have them, and after breastfeeding two kids, my boobs are not what they used to me. They used to be so perky and up, now they are low and lower! I mean they are still nice, but not sexy with a push up sturdy bra.

So when I was contacted by
Bring It Up, I did not take offense, I mean they didn’t know my boobs sagged, but I jumped on it! I was so thrilled that I was going to get to try out their product! Bring It Up Breast Shapers are a unique and innovative way to “lift” your breasts without surgery.

Bring It Up Instant Breast Lifts enhances your body image by providing full support without a bra, up to size D cup. You can wear them with backless and strapless outfits and even swimsuits. They are a transparent, waterproof, and hypoallergenic adhesive that you stick on the top of your breast. Yes the top of the breast, not the bottom! I have tried the bottom ones before and they are basically useless. By applying the Breast Lift to the top, you can grab the loose skin and reposition your nipple to a higher more natural, youthful look. Aw the old perky boob days!

When I tried the Breast Lifts I did not notice any discomfort and the adhesive held just right. My husband did compliment me, though he thought it was a new bra! The only flaw I see with the Breast Lifts is that they are one time use only. And once you start wearing them and getting compliments, it is hard to go back to saggy and blah! I have decided though that for special occasions and if I am wearing something that a bra really doesn’t work with, that Bring It Up is perfect!

Bring It Up
also makes other interesting products. They have a Instant Face Lift kit, Neck Lift, Brow Lift and more! And really who couldn’t use a lift every now and then! Oh and they have a Sales & Specials and Members Only section too!

(These are not my photos by the way, but they are from the
Bring It Up website.)

Another popular product sold by Bring It Up is the
Breast Shapers. These are a little different from the Breast Lifts as they can be reused up to 25 times. These ultra-thin, stretch contour shaping cups, can be worn with or without a bra to give your breast a beautiful shape.

Buy It: You can buy
Breast Lifts by Bring It Up in packs of 8 pairs for $19.99 or the Breast Shaper for $34.00.

Oh and here is an awesome discount code for Bring it Up:"gift 10" will save you $10!

Or, One Lucky Winner will receive a Bring it Up Prize Pack with a Instant Breast Lift and the Breast Shaper! This is over a $50 value!

WIN IT: Visit Bring It Up and tell me what you would want to try!

Also, if you just put a generic comment like "I want to Win" then I will have to disqualify you. Sorry! Also, this contest is only open to US and Canada.

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Kristy said...

I'd like to try the Breast shapers, after 2 kids, I need it!

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