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I remember quite clearly the day when Necco, my tomboy, came home from kindergarten with a poem she had written all about her love of Yu Gi Oh. I thought it was a very strange subject considering she had never seen the show on tv and we did not own any Yi Gi Oh cards at the time. I asked her about it. She said that she and her friends talked about Yi Gi Oh all the time, and some of her friends would bring the cards to school and play with them at recess. A few years later, she got her own first set of cards. By then, Twizzler (only 19 months younger) was also interested in collecting and playing Yi Gi Oh....and so our family's Yi Gi Oh involvement began. As many cards as we have around the house, I still don't quite "get" what they are supposed to do with them. But they seem harmless enough, and certainly take up less space than a larger collection, so we continue to buy packs of card here and there.

While we are staring at Yi Gi Oh packs, Reese (my 6 year old girly girl) stares longingly at the packs of pretty horses. You can only imagine how excited she was when I opened an envelope a few weeks ago and discovered those very same cards. her first set of Bella Sara cards!

It was a brilliant move to create a trading card system for girls. The cards are bright and colorful, and the cards and characters promote good values for girls. And even better--Bella Sara has a website with games and activities for girls, too. Each pack contains a code that unlocks horses and other items and prizes for use on the site. Reese (and even Necco, I might add!) love playing! And at only $2.99 suggested retail, they are easy for kids to earn on their own. :)

Bella Sara has captured the hearts of young girls across the country, offering positive, inspirational messages and selling more than 83 million cards to date (that's a lot of cards!).

This month, Bella Sara expanded its line of trading cards for girls with Royalty, the 9th series in the brand. To promote thsi new series, Bella Sara, in conjuntion with Team Mom, is giving away ONE Bella Sara Prize Pack featuring Royalty (1 pack), Miniatures (1 pack) and Treasures (1 pack) collections.

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