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Time for another Giveaway!!! This time, I’ll be giving away an amazing grooming product ‘The Swerve’ to one of my lucky readers. If you have been using a traditional razor to shave your face but finding it not so convenient to shave the back of your neck or your upper body with it, 'The Swerve neck razor' is just the perfect device for you. Now here's a wonderful chance to win one single pack and a triple pack of 'The Swerve' through a simple contest on this blog. Enter now!! Ladies, this wonderful grooming tool, essentially designed for men is a cool product to be gifted to your man, so all of you just go ahead and enter the giveaway without any qualms.

What’s The Swerve?

It’s the world’s first “full body groomtool”, an ergonomically designed razor ideal for shaving hard to reach spots like the back of your neck and upper body. The patent pending designed Swerve contains a triple-action blade for swift cutting precision and a lubricating strip to help it glide smoothly along your body. Shaving with the Swerve is much easier than trying to maneuver a regular razor behind your neck or having to bother your significant other to shave you.


The Swerve

Use the Swerve weekly to keep your swerve appeal. Replace it every four-six weeks or when the blade begins to dull. The Swerve comes in a unique, flexible storage tube making it a great travel companion. See how 'The Swerve' works through this video.

Want to win this awesome neck razor? Then go through the rules of this contest carefully. 

There are 3 different ways through which you can enter this contest.

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