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Gosh, whenever I hold my little ones, either my shoulder gets way too achey or my little ones get very uncomfortable, not a win win situation here! So I was very happy to come across the Shoulder Pillow. It is a new innovative product that allows the child and the person carrying the child, comfort, when the child puts his/her little head on your shoulder. How great is that? Wish I would have thought of it!

I had the pleasure of receiving one to review. I got to even choose which little pillow cover I got with it (even though the already come with a very comfortable pillow cover!) When I got this, I tried it out right away. I first held my little one year old. She was at first too preoccupied with "what was on mommy's shoulder" to put her sweet little head down. But when I said "Nice" she put her head down and stayed there for awhile. To my surprise, it did not fall off of my shoulder, even though you would think it might, it stayed put! Then of course my 3 year old boy, wanted to give it a shot. I held him and he loved the comfort of a pillow on mommy's shoulder. Despite him being a bit heavy now adays, the pillow was comforting to both of us.

The pillow, I would describe, is like a memory foam pillow. Very soft and the cute little pillow cases that go on the pillow are very soft too, like flannel sheet material. They have many cute pillow covers to choose from (one of the patterns is above), so cute all of them are! It is nice because the pillow case cover does not require any snapping or zipping, it just goes on and stays put! The cover is made with 100% cotton.

A bit about the company iaxisi (taken from their site):

Founded and led by seasoned technology, marketing, and sales individuals in the high tech industry, iaxisi is focused on developing innovative and high quality products. iaxisi is headquartered in Irvine, California, one of the fastest growing high-technology cities in the United States.

Company's mission is to stay proactive, innovate/invent continuously, make quality number one goal, and strive to exceed customers' and shareholders' expectations.

Iaxisi was kind enough to send me another Shoulder Pillow to give to ONE lucky Mama to win (the pattern it is in is pictured above)! It is an adorable pattern too! This is what you need to do:

FIRST ENTRY A MUST: Go to iaxisi Shoulder Pillows and tell me what pattern you like the best and come back here and comment on which one you chose.

Additional entries:

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Contest ends May 22nd, midnight, PST. Open to anyone. US and Canada only. PLEASE LEAVE VALID EMAIL ADDRESS SO I CAN CONTACT YOU IF YOU ARE THE WINNER!! Good luck!

Thank you to Iaxisi Shoulder Pillow for this wonderful opportunity to review such a great product and share it with my viewers!!!

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