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Okay so my husband is going to Graduate School for his Masters in Business and for his current class, he needs to round up some survey answers. Now this actually works for me too because in order for me to keep getting those awesome products to review and giveaway, sometimes it helps if I can tell them more about my readers. After the survey is done, my husband will take all the data and do what he needs to do with it for his class. Once he is done, I will post his findings in case your curious!

So in order to encourage all of you to answer my survey, I am offering a $10 Gift Card of YOUR CHOICE! Yes, I will let the winner pick what store they would like a gift card too and since I live in Chicago, I have access to a lot of store choices!

I promise the survey is super quick and easy and will benefit both of us in the long run. I have also put in a choice of "Prefer not to answer" in case you feel uncomfortable about something. The survey is anonymous, so after you are done, please make sure you leave me a comment saying you filled out the survey!

I need at least 100 survey entries so please take the survey and tweet about it too for me. Thanks everyone and Good Luck! I will open this to Everyone from any country, as long as you can use a gift card from here or I could Paypal you $10.

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