Pizza Hut $20 Rebate

Pizza Hut
How CheckoutFree Works

It's so easy! Accept one CheckoutFree advertiser offer and claim your $20.00 Cash Back Rebate from CheckoutFree following a food order at


Cash Back Rebate Details

1) Accept a CheckoutFree
advertiser offer
Over 100 Offers
to choose from
2) Order food online at and claim a
$20.00 Cash Back Rebate from CheckoutFree.
To get your Cash Back, simply accept a CheckoutFree advertiser offer and place a food order at within the next 30 days. Send the confirmation email you receive for your food order to CheckoutFree within 30 days of placing the food order at CheckoutFree will then send you a check for $20.00 to the address you provide! Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. This offer is non-transferable and limited to one order per household every 3 months.

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