Overstock.com will give $10,000 a month to a bailout winner

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What is the Overstock.com Monthly Family Bailout? In these tough times, Overstock.com wanted to do something special to help the families who visit us. You probably know that you can save up to 57% on your everyday purchases at Overstock.com. In addition, we have created the Family Bailout Plan in order to give you a chance to win up to $10,000 tax free, to help you or someone you recommend pay off their mortgage, credit cards, or other large debts. Each month, we will choose 1 winner.

Fill in the form provided and everyday when you return to our site you can enter again and increase your chances of winning. No purchase is necessary to win.When is the contest over?
Each month, Overstock.com will choose one $10,000 bailout winner. The last day to enter, is the last day of each month. Winners will be announced on the 15th of the following month.

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