Fancy Fortune Cookies Giveaway!


Not only do Fancy Fortune Cookies make an incredible Giant fortune cookie (the largest in America!--it's over one pound!) but they have flavored (regular-sized) fortune cookies as well as chocolate-dipped cookies. OK, I have to admit-when I heard the words "Chocolate dipped" I knew I was in trouble.

These are not your typical Take-out fortune cookies. They are a whole different animal. These cookies melt in your mouth, and the flavors are scrumptious!

In addition to lots of flavors, colors, and varieties, you can customize the messages inside. What a perfect party favor at a baby/bridal shower, birthday party, or wedding?!

I don't think I want to wait til my next big event. I want another box just to eat myself.

How would you like to try some Fancy Fortune Cookies for yourself? Did I already mention that today was your lucky day?

One of my readers will be indulging soon....and the best part? You get to pick what you'd like to try....the giant cookie, or a collection of the small flavored cookies!

For more information...visit Lolli- You gotta see her pictures!

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